Following current guidelines, CCSSAR has not held a full group meeting, training, or practical since March. Undaunted, the Unit has been working on several small group training events while covering our scheduled formal training via video or reading (not the same as hands on but we adapt and overcome, right?).


Since our Saturday Social Distancing hike leader was off camping with his family last weekend we changed it up by getting the quads out for a little exercise. It was a terrific day to check out the drivable trails near “C-Hill” and connecting to Voltaire and Kings Canyon. Part of the job for the day was to assess access points from town to this area. As construction continues in this area, access becomes a little more constrained. The price of progress.


Overall a great day! We have to give another shout out to Stan and Steve for the DRMO find of these three quads. Great addition to the tool box!


Other small group training has included new vehicle familiarizations. We hope to unveil those three rigs in the next week or so!