Last Saturday’s training event was much like a movie rehash. The players are younger and better looking, and the tools are much, much cooler! Well, we managed the cooler tools part at least…

Members of the Team took the new Rubicons out for some winching work and some minor rock crawling, revisiting the spots we trained at with the Cherokees three years ago. With the part-time 4-wheel drive, open differential Cherokees, it was truly a “Wow, I didn’t think it could do that!” moment for some in 2017. With the Rubicons it was more of a, “are we really training for a future mission or just playin’?” Both!

Since the Jeeps are just a few weeks old and each have less than 300 miles on them, we kept it fairly low-key with only one difficulty. Who was responsible for that “difficulty” centered around the Driver or the Spotter discussion. A little tow strap action from the other Rubicon placed some additional force down on the front tires and the rig walked right out. Didn’t even scratch a rock guard!

Training for the day included winching with a snatch block 2:1 mechanical advantage, and also a snatch block as a change of direction.

Wheelin’ included opportunities for non-wheelers to drive and see the rigs with the electronic front sway bar disconnected, no lockers engaged, rear lockers, and then front/rear lockers. With the help of a couple “cooler tools” everyone made it look easy. 

For those that are concerned, yes, we have Nevada pin striped both Rubicons already. Their mission is to get out and serve the community, which they have done already. Again, thanks to a huge donation to CCSSAR. Many thanks for our anonymous benefactor!

As cool as the new fancy stars are, we can still look back on the originals with great memories. May the Cherokees enjoy their retirement!