The phrase “feast or famine” seems to apply when discussing Carson City Sheriff’s Search And Rescue missions thus far this year. Although it is impossible to determine a pattern or key to search frequency or mission types, this year our mission tasking has become very focused. Months of no calls (our preferred honestly), to a week or two of multiple calls followed by another long break.

Marlette Lake Evidence Search

Douglas County Mutual Aid

Recently we fell into the feast category. The Team performed a full day evidence search hiking the hills above Marlette Lake, another day operation pushing through blooming sage and wild roses with Douglas County, and a 0045 wake up call with Washoe County all occurring between Monday and Friday. Pleased to say that the latter two missions turned out well for the lost subjects. Every mission provides its training opportunities and these three were no exception. The Team made use of tremendous opportunities to work with a WOOF Team Member and her K9 and learn some things from two of our neighboring SAR teams! Let’s see what this next week brings…

President’s Visit

…well, the “next” week brought the first sitting Presidential visit to Carson City in over 100 years. Thirteen SAR members joined with other community service members from the City and region to help ensure that this visit went off without difficulty. It was a great opportunity to work more closely with Sheriff’s Office and CCFD personnel, along with Douglas County SAR and Carson City Health & Human Service to name just a few.

Douglas County SAR’s academy for NV Wilderness SAR Technician

In addition to our callouts, we’ve maintained our regular and specialized training. One of our members recently completed Rope Rescue training in Truckee, CA, and another three graduated from Douglas County SAR’s academy for NV Wilderness SAR Technician!