by Dave Spencer

Like everyone, Carson City Sheriff’s Search and Rescue continues to modify it’s approach to life so that we can still live life while attempting to impact CoVID-19’s run through our nation and the globe. As such, the Unit has returned to small team practicals vice full Team formal training and practicals for the rest of 2020 at least.

In November, five members got the Unit quads out to stretch their legs and do a little GPS work along with an area familiarization. For those unfamiliar, a GPS point will certainly “point” you were you need to go but there is no substitute for 1) orienteering; the ability to read a map and 2) having firsthand knowledge of the area. That is the purpose of an “Area Fam”, to gather that firsthand knowledge.

One of the terrific things about Nevada is that, unlike Western Washington (it’s still wet out there), one can run the same trail numerous times a year and find the trail has different nuances each time. Some of those “nuances” can be dramatic when taken six months apart. Each time we go out is another opportunity to learn more about our skillsets and what to expect from our equipment. No one expects our Honda Foreman 400s to climb Horsepower Hill but Little Mike learned his Kaw 750 can do it. At least a couple days after some rain. Mid-August might be a different story.

Don’t know what’s up with the grumpy looking guy in the orange shirt and ball cap. He may have just been “hangry” at the time of the photo.