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Thanks to a tremendous response, Carson City Sheriff’s SAR has closed the current recruiting process. Many thanks to all who have shown interest in serving our community through Search And Rescue.

If you maintain a desire to serve your community through the great outdoors, Carson City Sheriff’s SAR could still be the place for you. Make an application, allow us to perform the background check process, touch base with you, then we will hold your application until the Unit needs to bolster its numbers. If you are no longer interested when the time comes, that is fine, we appreciate that you must handle life changes too.

Carson City Sheriff’s Office Search And Rescue performs wilderness and urban searches, evidence searches, wildfire evacuations, and other tasking. All team members are trained and maintain an understanding of a myriad of search skills including: maps, compass, Global Positioning System, VHF radio, First Aid, and Incident Command System. The training requirements are broad, with a real-world need to maintain the acquired skill sets. Additional training is provided for select personnel as Ropes Rescue and Swift Water Rescue Technicians.

If you enjoy the rigors of the wilderness, maintain skill sets such as hiking, biking, climbing, scuba, off-roading, and have a desire to help others when they fear for their own lives, then Search And Rescue may be for you.

More questions? Email:

A SAR application can be requested at the front desk at the Sheriff’s Office. Return all applications to:

Carson City Sheriff’s Office
911 E. Musser Street
Carson City, NV 89701

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